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November 28, 2008
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It is based on the Stanford University Medical Center diet protocol.

By NutriGenie about Ketogenic Diet Meal Planner

NutriGenie Ketogenic Diet Meal Planner is based on the Stanford University Medical Center diet protocol for treatment of epilepsy. This software is developed for physicians, dietitians, and other health care providers to assist them in administering the ketogenic diet.

Preparing an accurate ketogenic menu is a tedious and time-consuming task. NutriGenie Ketogenic Diet Meal Planner offers the latest software technologies to help make this task easy and convenient. Healthcare providers can prepare and reuse hundreds of menus by saving, copying and pasting meals. Paper copies of daily menus can be printed and given to patients to facilitate compliance with the diet.

Considering the severely restrictive nature of a ketogenic diet, our software offers a large collection of food choices: with a database of nearly 8,000 foods, the menus can be more varied and palatable. The software provides many sophisticated functions to manage the food database such as sorting and searching, hiding and grouping, addition of new foods, etc. No other software makes better food choices more practical.

A unique feature of this software is its analysis of the ketogenic ratio of every meal. In addition, nutrient intake as percentage of goal is color coded, allowing immediate visual assessment of the diet. Our caloric and nutrient requirement calculator recommends the intake based on the Stanford protocol and the National Research Council RDA but it also allows the flexibility of specifying user's own preference.

Features: ketogenic ratio indicator, caloric need and nutrient requirement calculator specific to ketogenic diet, search and sort capabilities. Excellent food database management utilities, personal food groups, hide and unhide foods. Personal nutrient intake goals.
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